Systems Biology Research Group Presents the 2018-2019

Fellowship in Foundations of Endobiogenic Medicine

Evolve your thinking, Transform your practice, Change your life

  • Outcomes: More consistent results, tracked and proven
  • Work Smarter: Recognize essential elements of disease, not just a string of symptoms, for deeper, faster assessments
  • Targeted Treatment:  Choose the right treatment--with confidence--every time

Are you ready to go beyond mechanism (i.e. inflammation) and symptom (i.e. pain) to treat your patient instead of disease?


Power of Narrative

Call forth the story of illness to treat the whole person, not just their symptoms.


Power of Touch

In the science and art of the physical exam lies the map to past and present states


Power of Labs

In simple blood tests: immense information about the true function of the body

A 1 year course

Essentials of Endobiogeny in 4 seminars to treat any disorder

Chicago, IL

Join us at Loyola University on scenic Lake Michigan

Space is limited

For optimal learning, the course is limited to 24 students

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